Best Selling Chelsea Boots

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Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot is one of the greatest inventions of man, apart from Television and the Internet. It’s one of the most stylish, versatile, and comfortable footwear mankind has ever worn.

Chelsea boots or also called dealer boots, are ankle high boots which originated from jodhpur boots which were meant for horseback riding. The Jodhpur boot features a belt and buckle on its ankles for adjustment and comfortability. The Chelsea boot on the other hand, features elastic insets which runs along its side welts. These elastic insets are what makes the Chelsea boot different from any other boot in the market. The elastic insets make the Chelsea boot easy to wear and remove, and it adds additional support and breathabilty to the ankles as well.

Though there are many boots created for specific jobs or conditions, the Chelsea boot is undeniably the most comfortable, and versatile leather boot there is. The Chelsea boot is best for any kind of work or occasion – gardening, hiking, casual walking, partying, or even fine dining – the Chelsea boot is the perfect everyday foot wear, it’s the only shoe you’ll ever need to wear.

The Famous Chelsea Boot

Chelsea bootsThe Chelsea boot first emerged in the Victorian Era. A boot maker named J. Sparkes-Hall created the wonderful shoe for Queen Victoria in 1837. With Charles Goodyear’s development of vulcanized rubber, J. Sparkes-Hall forever etched his creation in the shoe history.

Some people may wonder, why is it named Chelsea? There is no known association of the name Chelsea to its creator J. Sparkes-Hall. People say that the ‘Chelsea’ tag came from the fact that in the 60?s many gay men from Chelsea, Manhattan in New York, wore the boots, hence the name Chelsea boots.

The boot walked its golden brick roads in the late 1950?s when the Mod scene emerged in London. Young British men breezed through the cobbled streets riding customized scooters and wearing fancy suits. Of course, to match their lavish looks, the Chelsea boot is their choice footwear.

The Chelsea boot was also the choice of British rock legends The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Imagine yourself strutting in Chelsea boots just like how John, Paul, George, and Ringo did it touring the world, or how Mick Jagger and Keith Richards rocked every stage.

The Beatles are more often photographed wearing Chelsea boots. In the probably most famous photograph of the Beatles – the Abbey Road album cover – George Harrison and Ringo Star were crossing Abbey road wearing Chelsea boots, (Paul McCartney was barefoot, John Lennon wore some kind of sneakers).

Another amazing fact that most people probably don’t know about Chelsea boots are that these are the specific boots which Stormtroopers wore in the first trilogy of the epic movie series Star Wars. Who would’ve imagined that the very classic-looking Chelsea boot is worn by futuristic foot soldier clones on a sci-fi movie? The black boots however had to be stained white to match the Stormtroopers’ pearl white uniforms. (The Stormtroopers’ choice is the Chelsea boot, it should be yours too.)

The All-Around Chelsea Boot

Chelsea bootThe Chelsea boot is not tailored only for the right man, but for the right woman and child as well. Chelsea boots are available in every color, size, and style possible – as I have said over and over again, the Chelsea boot is one of the most versatile shoes you can ever imagine.

Its elastic insets make the boot very easy to wear, as well as to remove. The rubber also provides breathability and flexibility for the ankle, allowing free movement for the foot.

It’s the perfect choice for men, women and children. There’s only one downside though – Chelsea boots do not go very well with shorts.

The Top Selling Chelsea Boot Brands

The Top Selling Chelsea Boot Brands

The Chelsea boot has been one of the most fashionable footwear to ever walk on the face of the earth. Known for its elasticized gorings, these inlets provide ease of wear and remove, plus flexible ankle support. The humble Chelsea boot has been around for more than a century, and there is no signs of the Chelsea boot stopping on its tracks.

Though there are many Chelsea boot brands out there, here is a list of the most popular and best selling Chelsea boot brands in Amazon, Zappo, and Bluefly.

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Chelsea Boots for Men

Chelsea boots have been the choice of men since the 1960’s. The trend started with the Mod revolution, when young male fashionistas in the United Kingdom sported tailored suits, perfectly matched with stylish Chelsea boots. For years, the Chelsea boot retained its reputation for beauty, and generations after, the Chelsea boot evolved to what we have today. Chelsea boots for men can be classified into two: The Classics, and The Hybrids.

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Chelsea Boots for Women

Chelsea boots were originally made for women. During the Victorian era, J. Sparkes-Hall created a boot with elastic goring made from vulcanized rubber. He created the boot specifically for Queen Victoria in 1837. Chelsea boots are still around these days, and are scorching every runway they walk on. Modern Chelsea boots for women are often hybrids, different styles of shoes from rain boots to high heels, from booties to wedges.

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Chelsea Boots for Children

Chelsea boots are the pair of boots that survived the ever-changing, fast paced world of fashion. It has become the choice of men, women, queens, and British rock legends. Chelsea boots have transcended through the changing tides, adapting and evolving into different looks, shapes, and material, without losing its already renowned classic style and comfort. The Chelsea boot is best known for its ankle length shaft and stylish and practical elastic gorings – the two characteristics why the Chelsea boot is both comfortable and easy to wear or remove. It is the reason why many men and women prefer the Chelsea boot rather than any other type.

But who ever said Chelsea boots are for the old-fashioned or adult? Chelsea boots have now to the younger generation, from teens to tweens, from kids to toddlers.

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